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Does Drinking Coffee Reduce Breast Size?

Boobs coffee and Saturday morning

Boobs coffee and Please stop

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Boobs coffee and

Boobs coffee and Does Coffee

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Please stop believing that coffee will make your boobs smaller

My doctor recommended going caffeine free for a week and to report back any changes.

  • If you are wondering or have heard that drinking coffee makes your breasts denser this is not 100% true.

  • From tomorrow on, I will start reducing the number of cups.

Coffee Pics

Aside from caffeine, coffee is rich in phytoestrogens, which blocks estrogen receptors in breasts.

  • So there have been some misconceptions that drinking coffee will reduce breast size.

  • Their findings revealed that the intake of cancer-killing drug tamoxifen and two cups of coffee daily reduced the risk of tumours returning by 50% among women recovering from breast cancer.