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Famous beauties with smaller bosoms include.

  • Elizabeth Hurley 36-C Elizabeth McGovern 34-B Elizabeth Taylor 36-C Elke Sommer 36-B Elle MacPherson 34-C Ellen Barkin 34-C Ellen Greene 36-C Elsa Martinelli 34-A Emma Harrison 34-C Emma Samms 38-C Emma Watson? She was heavily active in her school becoming a part of their volleyball team.

  • The 34-year-old supermodel released a couple more images from her new May spread in on Tuesday, two days before the issue hits newsstands.

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  • Michelle Pfeiffer 34-B Mickie James? Scroll down for video Red hot! Naomi Campbell 34-B Nastassja Kinski 34-B Natalia Cigliuti 34-C Natalie Cole 36-B Natalie Nell 34-B Natalie Wood 32-B Natasha Henstridge? Rita Hayworth 36-C Rita Mero wwf's Sable 38-C Robin Givens 34-B Rosanna Arquette 36-C Rose McGowan 36-C Rosie Perez 34-D Sabrina Salerno 36-D Sally Field 34-B Sally Struthers 34-C Salma Hayek 36-C Samantha Fox 36-D Samantha Mathis 34-B Sara Varone? For more information, please review GoLookup Terms of Use.

  • In 2005 the leggy wonder competed on Dancing With The Stars.